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Facing an Allegation of Driving Without Insurance?

motoring barristerOur barristers have a high success rate in avoiding the minimum 6 points

driving banWe will assess your chances - free of charge

motoring barristerDriving Without Insurance is a 'strict liability offence' making it very difficult indeed to succeed without representation

driving banOur Driving Ban Client Tesitmonials Speak for Themselves:

"Thank you for all your help and effort in dealing with my driving without insurance court case. I truly am delighted with the service offered by yourself and the professionalism of your company. Your performance in court was second to none and the outcome was the best possible resolution (which I am delighted with) - without your help I am sure that I would have lost my licence but now I can keep on driving without any points on my licence at all.This was the BEST money I've spent in a LONG time." Melissa K, Harrow.

Driving No Insurance - Can I represent myself?

Driving without insurance is a strict liability offence. As is permitting another to drive your vehicle without insurance. That means it is very difficult indeed to establish a 'not guilty' verdict or have the charge dropped. That said, we have a high success rate indeed in having the charge dropped or succeeding in arguing 'special reasons' so as to avoid the imposition of the usual minimum 6 to 8 points and a fine.

So the answer is that you are certainly at liberty to represent yourself - that is your right. However, we would generally not recommend it particularly in a technical area of law such as this where, in reality, there are only limited defences. If you are considering whether or not to have us represent you, a few case studies may assist:

We represented a person who had been informed by his employer that he was insured to drive her car. However, he was not insured. The police stopped him and he was charged with driving without insurance. His job depended on driving and a conviction in this regard would have seriously damaged his employability. Our barrister successfully persuaded the CPS to drop the charge at the first hearing by producing documentation which he had advised the client to obtain. No further action was taken.

We also represented a person who actually had insurance but the police alleged that he was driving outside the terms of his policy, namely for business purposes. He was adamant that he was not doing so and, having advised him as to what documentation he required to be obtained and which evidence was important for him to adduce at trial, the case was listed for trial. On the day of trial, the police and CPS listened to our barrister's representations and dropped the case with the Magistrates then ordering that costs should be paid from central funds in order to reimburse our client.

In summary, if you are alleged to have been driving without insurance, please call us today. We will know the right route to take in respect of your particular case.

Consequence of Conviction for Driving Without Insurance

The very great problem with this offence is the large number of points that it carries. A court is obliged to impose a miniumum of 6 points on the licence but this could be as high as 8 points. It cannot impose lower. Of course, this means that you either tot up to 12 points or become much closer to doing so! Even on a clean licence it brings you at least half way to being a 'totter' and so to the terrible prospect of a six month ban.

In addition, because the offence does carry so many points and it relates to driving with no insurance in place, this could dramatically affect the premium you pay for your next car insurance.

Contact us today to see if we can help you in relation to your driving with no insurance case.

Driving Without Insurance - Sentence

Endorsement of 6 - 8 penalty points.


Possible driving ban i.e. discretionary or totting up.

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