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The consequences of being convicted of driving a motor vehicle with excess alcohol are often devastating to most individuals. Even a first offence for drink driving carries a mandatory ban of a minimum of twelve months. A prison sentence is also an option for the court to consider. And the negative effects of such a drink driving ban can last for many years afterwards, with a prospective employer often having the right to be made aware of such a conviction.

Where appropriate, we rigorously challenge the procedure and/or technological evidence used by the police thereby seeking to persuade the Crown Prosecution Service to drop the case or a court to acquit. This applies whether the offence is drink driving, failing to provide a specimen or drunk and 'in charge' of a motor vehicle.

Careful analysis of the police station drink driving legal procedure, what was or wasn't said including questions asked and the way in which they were asked must amongst other things be looked at. Also, the reliability of the device or 'continuity' of samples may be called into question: remember it is the prosecution who must prove their case and our job is to work out whether we can either at least 'cast a doubt' or simply stop the prosecution in its tracks.

Further, we regularly represent 'special reasons' arguments to the courts so as to reduce or avoid disqualification and/or points on your licence for drink driving. This can be that your drinks were 'laced' without your knowledge or because you drove a very short distance. We also advise on quite complicated 'hip flask' defences i.e. where the Defendant says that they were drinking after driving but before being breathalysed - this requires detailed expert evidence which 'back calculates' what the reading would have been at the time of driving.

This - and all related alcohol/driving offences - are a complex area of law and, whilst it is wholly permissible to represent yourself, you should only do so with extreme caution. We can expertly advise and represent your interests whatever the stage your motoring matter has reached.

Even if you intend to plead guilty, you should contact us immediately. Our representations to the court can and regularly do make a huge difference.

For example:

We represented a person who had been caught well over 3.5 times in excess of the prescribed limit for the second time in the last three years. In the light of previous offending and the Magistrates' Sentencing Guidelines they were destined for a prison sentence. We obtained valid and admissible witness statement evidence from her friend who was with her on the night of the incident as well as bringing the court's attention to the effect that prison would have on her future prospects. The outcome? No prison sentence


Minimum 12 month ban.


Other possible sentences:

Community Service.


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